Should You Get a Professional Headshot?

Professional headshots aren't just for actors, models, and real estate agents. As we're moving online and our photos are more readily accessible, many individuals are opting to use a professional photographer for their profile photos, websites, and more. Should you get a corporate headshot? Consider the points below.

A professional headshot will help you ... 

1. Look the part. It will help lend credibility and show that you’re a professional. Furthermore, it will help you out on LinkedIn (it’s a professional platform, so your profile picture should reflect this).

2. Make a good first impression. This may be the first contact people have with you. Before working with you, headhunters and other professionals will first look you up on social media. Consider how you’d want to present yourself in an interview. When it comes to your headshot or profile photos, you should have similar concerns.

3. Take yourself seriously. An investment in quality photos is an investment in yourself. This works on a personal level by inspiring confidence. It also helps to show others that you care about the details.

4. Stand out from the crowd. A corporate photo will give you an edge over individuals without one. This is critical in a competitive market, especially as professional headshots are becoming more common.

5. Avoid photo mishaps. By using a professional photographer, you'll eliminate the awkward lighting, bad angles, and distracting backgrounds that my result from a do-it-yourself approach.

6. Have something handy for emergency situations. It’s helpful to have a photo ready to go for anything unexpected that might come up, such as an article being written about you or your business. A corporate headshot can also be used for PR announcements, newsletters, or marketing materials.

7. Capture the right look. When you’re taking your photos yourself, it may be difficult to capture a natural look. A professional photographer can continue shooting until you look relaxed.